OASIS Frequently Asked Questions

We have redesigned our Online Application Submission and Information System to make it easier to use and to match our new web site!

Question or problems? Email humanresources@charlestoncpw.com or call (843) 727-6800.

What if I forget my username and/or password?

If you forgot your password, click the ’Forgot password’ link beneath the sign-in field.You will be asked to answer the two security questions you provided answers to when you enrolled.The answers are case-sensitive. If you correctly answer both questions, you'll be prompted to enter a new password. If you forget your username, you will be required to create new username and a new application.

Why is my social security number required to apply for a job?

Your social security number is necessary to ensure you are eligible to work in the United States. Charleston Water System also conducts background checks for job applicants before hiring, which requires a social security number. Once you enter your social security number and save the page, only the last four digits will be shown on the screen.

Can I print a page after I fill in the information?

Once you complete the application, you may view and print it as an Adobe PDF document. You must have Adobe Reader to use this option. To download a free version of Adobe Reader, click here.

How can I make sure Charleston Water System received my application?

A red check mark will appear in the ’Applied’ column on the ’Open Positions and Positions Applied For’ page once you have successfully applied for a position. To get to that page sign in and click on the ’View/Apply Open Positions’ link at the bottom of the OASIS welcome page. You may also get to the welcome page by clicking the Home link on the top of most pages in the OASIS system.

Who can I contact if I have a problem completing the application?

For assistance, please contact our Human Resources Department at (843)727-6851. You may also send us an e-mail. Note the Human Resources Department office hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm. Responses to inquiries will be addressed during the normal business hours.

Once I complete my application, how do I submit it to apply for a position?

To apply for a position, you must complete an application by entering all the required fields on the application and certifying the application. Once you've completed the application, there are two ways to apply for a position:

  1. After Certifying your application, you will be routed to the ’Open Positions and Positions Applied For’ screen.
  2. On top of the OASIS Home page click ’View/Apply for Open Positions’. You will be routed to the ’Open Positions and Positions Applied for’ screen.

Once on the ’Open Positions and Positions Applied for’ screen, to apply for an open position, click the submit button next to the open position’s job title. A red check mark will appear indicating that you have successfully applied for a position.

Can I change or withdraw or change my application after I apply for a position?

Yes, as long as you withdraw or change it before the closing date for that position (12:01 a.m. on the specified closing date). Once the closing date has passed, you cannot change or withdraw that application. However, a copy of your application remains on file to allow you to make changes and apply for other open positions. Note if you make any changes to your application after applying for a position and the position is still open, your application will automatically be withdrawn from the position. You must re-certify your application and re-apply for the position before 12:01 a.m.on the closing date.

How long will my application remain active?

Applications are active for six months from the date of the posting in which you applied. If the position becomes open again within six months, we may consider your application for the position. Applications are kept on file for two years prior to destruction.

How do I submit a resume, cover letter, or other information with my application?

Charleston Water System does not accept resumes, cover letters, or other documents outside of our employment application. Therefore the online application system does not include a field for these items. Please do not send resumes or cover letters separately, as they will not be considered in the evaluation process. To ensure that your application receives full consideration, make sure that you document all related experience in the fields provided throughout the application. Additional space is available under ’Other Job-Related Skills and Qualifications’.

We welcome your feedback on this new system. Send comments or suggestions to humanresources@charlestoncpw.com.